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Spelling List

Spelling words are located on the Weekly Newsletter sent home. 

Don't forget to practice the dictation sentences as well as the spelling words. We will be notifying you when we will be having our Spelling Tests on your weekly newsletter.


Saxon Spelling Lists  

Spelling List 1  
I, in, not,  it, pin, no, pop, on, tip, top  
Sentences for dictation 
1. Pin it on. 
2. Tip it in.     

Spelling List 2  
a, an, at, tap, lot, nap, tan, zip, lap, pit  

Sentences for dictation 
1. Nap on it.
2. Zip a top.   
 Spelling List 3   
as, is, so, its, sit, and, did, last, stop, land   

Sentences for dictation 
1. I stop a lot. 
2. I did it last.       

Spelling List 4  
he,  be, if, got, his, has, hot, ran, hand, fast, said,
* the* 

Sentences for dictation
1. It ran so fast. 
2. Dan sat in sand.   
Spelling List 5   
ask, big, can, cat, drop, lost, ants, snip, flag, stand, of, * to*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. Ask Dan to clap. 
2. The pan is in the sink. 
Spelling List 6  
go, hi, am, get, him, ten, best, help, pick, black,
 you, * what* 

Sentences for dictation 
1. Get a can of clams. 
2. What can you print?  
Spelling List 7   
see,  red, that, this, back, sing, bring, think, green, three, are, * from* 

Sentences for dictation 
1. The bag is from Pam. 
2. I think we can go.   
Spelling List 8  
sat, dog, glad, cost, milk, sock, street, thank,
 needed, resting, color, * friend* 

Sentences for dictation 
1. The green frog jumped. 
2. Are you going to the meeting? 
Spelling List 9   
up, but, set, man, them, need, block, stomp, going upset, come, * there*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. His friend can go with us. 
2. We need to get that rock.    
Spelling List 10  
we, with, long, must, like, brisk, clock, sleep, 
sanding, insect, does, * been* 

Sentences for dictation 
1. He has been resting at home. 
2. Does the clock ring at ten?  
Spelling List 11  
she, too, keep, same, more, we’ll, shack, went,
 tablet, brushing, their, * goes* 

Sentences for dictation
1. The deck is next to their pool. 
2.The fish had a hook stuck in its gill.     

Spelling List 12   
us, six, yes, good, jump, five, name, drink, 
stacked, napkin, some, * was* 

Sentences for dictation 
1. The bee stung Bob on the heel. 
2. His heel swelled and felt hot.    
Spelling List 13   
me, run, thing, take,  she’s, looking, 
little, title, will, shell, one, * two*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. Frank goes to class at twelve. 
2. He’ll take a test at one. 
3. He needs to make a good grade.      

Spelling List 14  
my, tell, her, soon, shall, stringy 
made, feelings, packed, number, want, * don’t* 

Sentences for dictation 
1. My little dog likes to nap with me. 
2. He snores and cuddles on my lap. 
3.After he wakes up, he wants to run. 
Spelling List 15  
day, fly, trusted, weekly, campfire, blooming, 
under, myself, inside, problem, thought, * where*   
Sentences for dictation 
1. My sister can subtract numbers well. 
2. She has a good grade in math. 
Spelling List 16  
far, much, play, gave, upon, after, 
handy, dribble, spell, shapeless, says, * should*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. Six friends came to my slumber party. 
2. We stayed up until three. 

Spelling List 17  
way try such part glass stuff 
former show letter barnyard sure* they*   

Sentences for dictation 
1.Jake left his backpack at school. 
2. His spelling list was in it. 

Spelling List 18  
grow open away started passing table 
invite crispy she’ll wisely give* people*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. The store will open for the sale at ten. 
2. Many people will be there. 
Spelling List 19  
off boy hiding turtle disturb survive 
acorn Friday elbow hurt many* any*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. Curt burned his hand on the hot car. 
2. The burn hurt and felt like fire. 

Spelling List 20  
by say for even point nation 
portion sliding September carnation only* answer*   
Sentences for dictation    
1. Please eat after you clean your jeans. 
2. The meat and beans are getting cool. 

Spelling List 21  
how round dishes blue argue diver 
enjoy overpay afternoon vacation early* learn*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. Braden found four spiders in the corner of the dark barn. 
2. The soil there was moist and cool. 

Spelling List 22  
old find taking fault saw plastic 
now shouted joining starvation word* four*  

Sentences for dictation 
1. The kind old man told me some tales. 
2. The little lost kitten was both blind and cold. 

Spelling List 23  
pages hold kind draw about over 
yellow foundation mention fantastic today* once*   
Sentences for dictation  
1. “I will bring hot dogs and buns,” said Pam. 
2. Who would like to plan some games to play? 

Spelling List 24  
before seven large write know hopped 
hoped trading chipped playground again* country*   
Sentences for dictation
1. The wind made the trees sway. 
2. A bad storm came upon the fishermen. 

Spelling List 25  
taping tapping meter study sounded catch 
edge reporting caution boxes change* often*   

Sentences for dictation 
1. I didn’t lie to my mother about the pie I ate. 
2. It was scorching hot at that hotel in July.