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3rd and 4th six weeks expectations

3rd 6 weeks

  • Reading accuracy level 20
  • AR tests
  • Read Molly’s Pilgrim
  • sequence of Events
  • comprehension and vocabulary weekly stories
  • suffixes, Y as a vowel, ghost letters, dipthongs, c sounds like s, vc patterns, digraphs, blends
  • homographs
  • identify complete sentence, use correct punctuation

Social Studies weekly participation, Thansgiving activities, Christmas activities, traditions

4th 6 weeks

  • Reading accuracy level 24
  • AR tests
  • Main Idea/ Details
  • Antonyms
  • comprehension and vocabulary weekly stories
  • trigraphs, final stable syllables, digraph, vcccv pattern, suffixes, g sounds like j, ghost letters
  • nouns/verbs
  • dictionary skills
  • homographs
  • compare/contrast

Social Studies weekly, Famous African Americans, Presidents, Groundhog’s Day,