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Subject Expectations


Reading:Please make sure to read your child's library book , and take home reader each night!  Students will be able to take AR book test , and go to the library daily. 

1st 6 weeks Reading level expectations is a level 2

2nd 6 weeks  Reading level expectations is a level  4

3rd 6 weeks  Reading level expectations is a level 8

4th 6 weeks  Reading level expectations is a level 12

5th 6 weeks  Reading level expectations is a level  14

 6th  6 weeks  Reading level expectations is a level 16

Your child will be tested on high frequency checklist each 6 weeks.  Your child will receive flashcards at the beginning of each 6 weeks.  Students will be responsible for reading the words at the end of the six weeks. 

We have weekly comprehension and assessments from our McGraw Hill program.

Math: Goal by end of 1st grade count forwards and backwards from 1-120 and write to 120!! writing #’s , identifying numbers, tens and one frame, calendar.

2nd 6 weeks- write numbers from 1-40, count forwards and backwards to 40. Adding and subtracting tens and ones, word problems, calendar, numbers and operations(use pictures to add), add in any order, manipulatives and joining. subtraction strategies with comparison of pictures,subtraction sentences,taking apart numbers, counting on, and adding with doubles.

3rd 6 weeks-write numbers from 1-60,  count forwards and backwards to 60. Numbers and operations with counting backwards to find the difference in subtraction problems.using addition to subtract, using a ten frame to subtract, break apart numbers to subtract, choosing an operation to complete the word problem. 

4th 6 weeks - write numbers from 1-80,  count forwards and backwards to 80. Money. Identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.  Adding coins. Finding the value of each coin.

5th 6 weeks -write numbers from 1-100, count forwards and backwards to 100. counting forward using 120 chart, looking for number patterns, skip counting by 5, 10 and 2’s, 10 more and 10 less. Model addition and subtraction using part, part, whole, and adding in any order by using addition strategies, fact families, 

6th 6 weeks -write numbers to 120,  count forwards and backwards to 120. 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes, vertices, sides, combining shapes to create new shapes, attributes of solids, fractions, length, time, graphs. 

Language Arts: 

expectations for language arts include grammar such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepostions, proper nouns, using correct sentence dictation, synonyms, antonyms, punctuation. 

weekly spelling test and dictation assessment. Your child receives a weekly spelling sheet every Monday.  Students will use Saxon Phonics for our daily phonics lessons. Students learn how to code words properly.  Students learn daily the letters and sounds of the alphabet, long and short sounds by coding.  We also use making words to identify blends, word chunks, word families. 

Istation is used as a monthly assessment to show student growth. 

Social Studies: We use Studies Weekly, Brain Pop, and Time. Students have a weekly assessment. 


1st  6 weeks: What is a scientist?

2nd 6 weeks: Weather and seasons & Technology All Around Us

3rd 6 weeks: Matter

4th 6 weeks: Forces and Energy & Earth’s Resources

5th 6 weeks: Objects in the Sky, & Animals

6th 6 weeks:Living things & Their Environment,  Plants