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Donna Neely

Welcome to Mrs. Neely's Third Grade Class


I  teach third grade Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. I am looking forward to a great year!



Sixth Six Weeks---Students used reading skills and strategies to make connections between genres. During this unit, students examine informational texts by locating and using specific information provided through the identification and utilization of relevant sources. Students generate an idea, develop a plan, and gather information from experts, reference texts, and online searches. Information is collected using skimming, scanning, and note taking techniques. Students organize data and write brief explanations differentiating between paraphrasing and plagiarism while using the writing process to communicate their understanding. Students explore language while continuing to build on the principles that vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are critical to the ability to comprehend and communicate effectively. Word study is inclusive of genre specific vocabulary, literary terms, and appropriate vocabulary from texts and is experienced before, during, and after reading. I

Social Studies Sixth Six Weeks--Continue studying about inventive individuals who contributed to their communities, about heroes who have sacrificed for their communities, and about how individual citizens and civic groups contribute to the well-being of communities.